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PEB International name is synonymous to energy savings in UAE. From the onset of LED lighting market, PEB international made a foray in different lighting opportunities in UAE viz a viz high bay, flood light and down light LED lights. As we speak, LED lighting in UAE is growing at the rate of 20% annually. For example, all traditional light source such as halogen, metal halides, and CFC are being converted into LED lighting. Applications include high bay LED lighting used in warehouses/factories , flood light LED, down lights used commercial and residential rooms, and industrial use in hazardous locations such as oil and gas fields. From last half decade we are emerged as top led lighting suppliers in Dubai UAE. We are working with reputable companies, like Coca Cola International,Pepsi International.Unilever and lot of others companies. We are focusing in quality led lighting products supplying in Dubai and other UAE states Like Sharjah,Abu dhabi,Ajman,Fujairah,RSK etc. There for we made dealership agreements with top led manufacturing companies like Dialight UK and different Taiwan's led lighting manufacturing companies. We have wide range of products like: Led high bay lights led Low bay lights Led Flood lights Led downlights Led panel lights Led Panel 60x60cm Led Tube lights Led area lights.


Offices, Malls, Hospitals, Showrooms, Hotels,Meeting Rooms, Exhibitions, Conference Halls, Residences

Led panel lights LED HIGH BAY

Led High bay Lights


Driven high bay lights are without mercury making them eco-obliging and hinder hazardous substance to be contaminated.

? The high straight lights of our company show better warmth dispersal with the support of 1P70 high IP level.

? According to international test reports, the LED light has high adequacy of 150lm/w.

? We ensure best quality as the high straight lights are affirmed from various all inclusive security and measures used worldwide.


Warehouses, Cold Stores, Factories, Work shops, Super stores,Sports stadiums, Pubic places,Gardens, Parks

Led panel lights LED TUBE LIGHTS

LED Tube Lights


Extraordinarily strong Astonishing plan adaptability Secure 90% backings on your centrality costs Low warmth discharges

Appropriate for use in hot, frosty or sticky locales The capacity to rename home space, Drove Roof light is the best way to deal with incorporate wonderful sparkle and accentuate the entire corner.

Despite whether it's revealed or channel board, the rooftop district delightfully makes a recessed to uniform lighting sway. There are unlimited potential results where you can play with the entire complex topic and let the zone champion.

The rooftop zone is wide and if a touch of innovativeness, complex subject inspiration combines than with terrific Drove affect get the appealing quest for your dream home.


Offices, Ware houses, Parking Lots, Factories,Railway Stations, Buses, Trains, Metros,Residences, Hotels, Malls

Led panel lights LED FLOOD LIGHTS

LED Flood Lights


LED flood lights offer a magnificent little surge light that has a low sticker cost and a competent Drove show. The model has an assessed vitality of 50 Watts which is extremely magnificent for such a little surge light.

Like other surge lights the model is affected using a metal hotel to dissipate the glow and goes with a little arm. It can be presented onto a divider and it has a waterproof framework that makes it wonderful for outside use.


Offices, Ware houses, Parking Lots, Factories,Railway Stations, Buses, Trains, Metros,Residences, Hotels, Malls

Led panel lights LED DOWN LIGHTS

LED Down Lights


Starting now and into the foreseeable future, with various circumstances of persevering work and steady headway of things we have today transformed into an assumed Drove light maker in Dubai who has been productive in winning the trust of a significant part of its clients, giving them unrivaled quality things at genuine cost.

Various Drove lights like, Drove board light, Drove downlight, Drove spotlight, Drove high limits light, Drove tube light, Drove submerged light,LED surge light, Drove handles, Drove street lights, Drove strip light, Drove Standard light, Drove test to demonstrate case are open up at a champion among other Drove globules producer.


Offices, Ware houses, Parking Lots, Factories,Railway Stations, Buses, Trains, Metros,Residences, Hotels, Malls

Led panel lights led Bulb

LED Bulb


There are an assortment of Drove globules/lights accessible in the market and it's difficult to call attention to the best one. It truly relies on your prerequisites like reason and necessities.

Some Drove globules are more power sparing than others. Some accompany awesome life expectancy. Still others come at a modest cost. Along these lines, the best Drove globule will have following characteristics:

, Power sparing capacities , Long life expectancy , Gleam free lighting , Item guarantee , No UV radiation , Simple to introduce plan , Reasonable cost , Top quality gear , Tough assembled , Security from stun

I might want to prescribe SeniorLED on the off chance that you intend to purchase Drove globules in mass for your office building, shopping store, healing facility, or land venture. The organization is situated in China and furthermore an enlisted mark in USA and Canada with a worldwide customer base crosswise over Center East Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Canada. Here are a few highlights that make SeniorLED top Drove producing and circulating organization:

1. Strict QC process which guarantees the nature of Drove lights. 2. Influence sparing Drove lights that spare cash also. 3. The majority of the items are AIG safeguarded. 4. It gives OEM administrations to numerous enormous brands like Home Warehouse. 5. Universal group that offer help in English and Spanish inside 24 hours. 6. A piece of income is given to UNICEF. 7. All around trusted by organizations and associations

From Drove item configuration to material quality, SeniorLED's Driven knobs and lights score over other Drove lighting items in the market in each perspective.

Led Ceiling lights LED Ceiling LIGHTS

LED Ceiling Lights


The ability to reclassify home space, Drove Roof light is the most ideal approach to include splendid shine and emphasize the whole corner. Regardless of whether it's uncovered or inlet board, the roof region delightfully makes a recessed to uniform lighting impact.

There are boundless potential outcomes where you can play with the whole stylistic theme and let the zone champion.

The roof zone is broad and if a touch of inventiveness, stylistic theme motivation mix together than with grand Drove impact get the alluring search for your fantasy home.


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