Led Flood Lights


These lights when compared with conventional lighting, acrylic light boards using LEDs are substantially more solid. All things considered, illuminous lighting and considerably more present day conservative bright lights will keep going for just a small amount of the time that a board can. Accepting use of eight hours for every day, a LED can be required to keep going for around 17 years.

This aggregate life makes them extremely financially suitable over everything except the most limited times of time.

Although ordinary LEDs are well known, they do have the issue that a solitary broken LED can impact others adjacent. With LED boards, this issue is abundantly diminished attributable to a painstakingly thoroughly considered circuit outline. A side-advantage of this is board lighting functions admirably where a power supply of stable voltage can't be ensured. There is no risk of overheating, dissimilar to that with lightning bulbs, as LEDs have no warm impact.

If you to brighten up your outdoors to give the incomers that powerful first impression when they walk in the gates of your home or to light up your playground for an imporved sports experience, flood lights are the most accurate option to choose.

Not just that, they are top tiers for any sport stadium and to be used on a broader scope, are an essential for stage lighting for performances and plays as well. Flood lights fulfill the illumination purposes efficiently. We have a wide-range of flood lights avalable to accurately cater your needs.

We have the most commonly used metal-halide lamp, that give off a dominating white light (75-100 lumens per watt). We also deal in Sodium Vapor Lamps that are ideal for sporting events and have a very high lumen to watt ratio (80 to 140 lumens per watt ratio), making them an ideal yet cost-effective option to serve the purpose.

Features LED FLOOD LIGHT 10-30W. It saves 50% - 70% electricity cost comparing with high pressure sodium lamp. The lifespan is 2-4 times than high pressure sodium lamp'. The power factor is over 0.9 and Ra is more than 80.

Main Features

1. LED Sources:Single powerful LED (10W-30W) as the light source

2. Efficiency: 100lm/w

3. Work Voltage:AC(85V-265V)/(50~60Hz)DC(12~24V)

4. Power factor(PF):>0.9

5. Fixture Efficiency:>90%

6. Effective Light Angle:109 degree

7. Ra>80

8. Color temperature (CCT):2700~7000K

9. No delay start

10. Absolutely eco-friendly: no UV, IR, lead or mercury

11. Waterproof: IP65

12. Net weight:2.3kgs Materials

1. Die-casting aluminium crust

2. High intensity toughened glass cover

3. High-purity aluminum reflector

4. Single high powerful LED light source

5. High efficiency LED driver


  • Warehouses
  • Cold Stores
  • Factories
  • Work shops
  • Super stores
  • Sports stadiums
  • Pubic places
  • Gardens
  • Parks