Led Downlights


These LED down lights utilize significantly less volts if we compare these with other types of lights for example, glowing bulbs and even minimal bright lights (CFLs). The power utilization of bulbs is evaluated to associate with 6 watts, which can deliver lighting quality like lights that will cost you no less than double the measure of power. This sort of lighting is known for its great degree long ease of use . The normal LED light could be utilized for up to 60, 000 hours, significantly more than the evaluated life expectancy of the 60-watt glowing bulb which is just 1, 500 hours, and that of CFLs, which are between 6, 000 and 15, 000 hours. They are additionally less inclined to wear out; indeed, their life expectancy is not obtained by estimating the genuine number of hours that the lights keep on functioning, yet by estimating the quantity of hours that they keep on functioning inside the tasteful iridescence run. At the point when the glow rating is around 30%, that is the time that the bubs should be supplanted. They are ideal for that classic state of art technology for the professionals. They have a strong relaible built, but at the same time ar quite easy to assemble and mount. The quality of the poduct amalgamated with ease in usage make these a priority for the passionate light lovers. They are quite an essential in a warm home as they provide the lift you are looking for, all while being affordable and and low-cost. You can’t really go wrong with the precision they provide and how versatile they are. Even the most basic design is adaptable to any color scheme. From contemporary designs to modern setting, they are perfect for any of these assemblings, without a second thought.

Main Features

1. LED Sources:Single powerful LED (10W-30W) as the light source

2. Efficiency: 100lm/w

3. Work Voltage:AC(85V-265V)/(50~60Hz)DC(12~24V)

4. Power factor(PF):>0.9

5. Fixture Efficiency:>90%

6. Effective Light Angle:109 degree

7. Ra>80

8. Color temperature (CCT):2700~7000K

9. No delay start

10. Absolutely eco-friendly: no UV, IR, lead or mercury

11. Waterproof: IP65

12. Net weight:2.3kgs Materials

1. Die-casting aluminium crust

2. High intensity toughened glass cover

3. High-purity aluminum reflector

4. Single high powerful LED light source

5. High efficiency LED driver


  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels,Meeting Rooms, Exhibitions, Conference Halls, Residences